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The Broken Nails Club

     Exclusive club for the "High-End Hillbilly"; 
We are the ladies who like working on all things automotive, hunt, camp, canoe, fight, drink, 
raise hell...and raise hellions.                                                             
     Now we have a brand of clothing designed 
for us. Stylish, full cover prints, and on a garment 
that fits us, and printed exclusively for us. 
Mud and grease eventually wash off, but the
attitude will always remain. We have earned 
our stripes, we are fully independent, and we
deserve the crown we wear. We have earned it. 

     We love hearing from our club members! 
Have an idea for a t-shirt concept? Want to see
these prints on a different garment or color? We
consider all ideas! Hit the button below & contact us!






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